Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Well, last night I saw The Incredibles with Corb and the kids. I wonder if it will be called Les Incroyables when it makes its way over to France?

Of course, I loved it, even though I was tired from my trip and pretty much dozed through the last half hour. I did manage to be awake, however, for the end, when the pseudo-Mole Man arrived to crash the party. And suddenly it was FF issue number one all over again.

The movie was not a laugh riot, but it was in keeping with the spirit of what I consider to TRULY be the greatest comic in the world, The Fantastic Four , in the days when Lee and Kirby ruled that world. All their superpowers were on display, except The Human Torch was a best bud with ice powers (shades of X-Men), and the Fourth member of the team was Quicksilver (who was introduced, as I recall, in FF).

In fact, it was probably more "in the spirit" than the original spirit, because it truly dealt with real-life issues, like what would really happen if a super-hero had to deal with raising a family, aging, or dealing with the nasty aftermath of a battle, like lawsuits from innocent bystanders. Marvel in the 60s only gave its characters certain realistic qualities, although action was still king, of course...come on, it couldn't be any other way, the main audience was still teen boys, after all. Subjects such as aging was much better handled by DC, which of course had a pre-existing aging super-hero population in Earth-2 and the Justice Society, especially in the 70s...don't get me started with fond memories of All Star Comics's ALMOST up there with The Secret Society of Super Villians !

My favorite character was the myopic costume designer. She was a Vera Whang kick in the pants!
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