Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Well, closing weekend went very well. I had one of my little moments on Friday night, but managed to pick up the pieces rather quickly and it actually helped to improve things, because my musical director finally got it through his thick Italian skull that the orchestra needed to be toned down (something we had all been tellng him for a week...btw, I still love him to pieces, that wasn't a slam.) Working with the sound guy, the audibility level was terrific for the rest of the run.

And Sunday, I called the show. There was one small traffic jam that was of my own making, but other than that, I felt totally in charge. It was a good feeling, actually. Such power! (But I still like directing better)

Speaking of directing, they asked me last night to sign on again for next year. That's good news (and a nice little stream of income coming in for 2005), although the bad news is: the show is Oklahoma. Groan...

Now, if I can pick up a paid directing gig between now and then, I may financially be in okay shape for the rest of the year, at least in terms of the rent. I'm going to start looking around, as soon as my puter at home is fixed).

And Corb and I celebrated our first month together Saturday. I came home Friday and found a really sweet card from him at my was uber-cool.

Meeting...gotta run.
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