Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I hear they had an Elton John night last night on American Idol. Thankfully, Josie taped the show for me. Eltone was always one of my faves. I also heard that most of the performers had difficulty or seemed really uncomfortable with the material.

Last night's rehearsal went through a lot of material, all in Act One. My Jekyll was distracted because he had just returned from Vegas, and a few of the performers were tired because they're doing two shows, and the other one goes up next week. And I was exhausted because I had been up until four the night before.

And somewhat emotional. Matt (the guy who accused me of "hiding" my kids from him) and I continue to have these long, drawn-out conversations about whether we should continue seeing each other or not, and Josie and I had a fairly intense conversation right before rehearsal. But we're getting along pretty well, lately. We've had some great meals with the kids this past week, she was really sweet and folded my laundry the other day, and she even gave me a kiss on the cheek yesterday morning before leaving for work. Those are the things we must hold on to, and I need to be better about appreciating them before they slip out of my fingers. That would make me sad.
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