Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

An update on last night...

Matt waited for me to log on to AIM this morning. He said he couldnt sleep all night. He said that he had an encounter thing with someone from San Francisco about a week ago, which made him realize he may be looking for something more serious. I laughed and told him about my online thing with G. that made me consider the same thing. He said it made him realize that he might want something more serious with me, but he has to really think this one through.

We both agreed that he has a huge mid-term coming up Tuesday and its best to put this off until after that.

I don't know. Matt does have his own baggage. He says he wants a family, but he wants his "own." I mean, what does that mean, really? I guess I can understand...I guess...but a family is a family, right? Someone could do far worse than getting involved with me and Josie and our brood, let me tell you...
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