Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I was very happy to learn last night that Annie has decided to go to her senior prom, and that she's going with her ex-boyfriend Chad, who was a sweet guy that she dated for three years. They're just going for friends, but I think it brings things full circle, is a great way to cap off her high school experience, and, being the sentimental slob I am, got me all choked up.

What do you remember about your senior prom?

I remember mine. I had been set to go to my junior prom with my girlfriend at the time, Buns, who dumped me shortly before it occurred to go out with a guy she knew was gay. So I was determined to go my senior year, and ended up taking my best friend Pauline.

We crammed into a car that already had three other couples in it. After the prom, those three couples decided to go parking, and Pauline and I were forced to wait out in the freezing cold for about an hour. One of the girls, who I had nicknamed dishrag, but was really named Eileen, gave head to her boyfriend inside. She was suffering from a tremendous cold, and I remember my bud Mark kept leaving the car because he was laughing too hard from the noises she was making, from both her mouth and her nose.

We spent the rest of the school year singing "Come On, Eileen" to her.
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