Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

What can you say when you're in a busy period? It's just hard to find time to catch your breath sometimes.

Yesterday was a perfect example. I arrived at work at nine, managed to do some limited writing for an hour, then moved into a meeting about brochures. I had to breeze out of that to get to the East Side Marketplace in Providence for an interview for a board position for a nonprofit. It's called the Community Mediation Center. They're looking for someone to provide a PR focus, and I have some ideas, although with the play coming up, I stressed I couldn't deliver anything until mid year. It sounds like a worthwhile organization, however, promoting mediation as an alternative to litigation and also teaching training sessions to local schools on resolution dispute techniques.

After that, back to the office for our weekly PR meeting, then on to a Diversity call, then on to a call for a new client of ours. Then I rushed out to get home to look after the kids (Josie had to work late), and at 6:15 meet Tiger and Ashley's teachers. I was on my own, and think I did pretty well representing Josie. I took plenty of notes and did my best to try and be charming.

Then, on to Panera's to meet my buddy Tony, the musical director for Jekyll and Hyde. We had to go over my suggested script changes to make certain they timed out with the underscore--and also work out auditions for next week. Then, back to the house to give them a kiss goodnight, and I ended up doing a bit of food shopping...and then I ended up, um...talking until three o'clock with a certain someone. (It was a really nice talk, too...sigh...very warm).

No rest today. Josie called me up at six so I could drive over and get the kids ready for school, and then I drove in her to hold a planning session for the next edition of my publication. Something tells me I'll sleep well tonight...
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