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On Federal Hill

Damn! I hate it when I lose a lengthy entry! Don't expect this one will be half as long...

Went out to a great pizza place on Federal Hill called Bobby and Timmy's (or Timmy and Bobby's, or Fred and Ethel's--fuck, I don't know. It think it's Bobby and Timmy's, but who gives a rat's ass except Bobby and Timmy what it's really called?) Anyway, the pizza's out of this world. And the wine was nice, too.

Went with old, dear friends, from my days as a supervisor of Claims. Anna (who has an open heart and wide smile, and I really could have loved...and perhaps she could have led me down the straight and narrow, but I doubt it)...Carol (who tells the best stories in the world--bar none--and introduced me to Cosmos, on a hot summer night with twinkling stars shining overhead. I can still feel the explosion in my head)...Elaine (my partner in crime. Blond hair, blue eyes, 12 years older than me. We flirt outrageously and say terribly bawdy things to each other. She once attended a wedding with a "Nantucket purse"--it was a freaking basket, and I spent the entire reception shoving rolls and other items of food into it. The next wedding we went to, she came with a muff, and I wanted to know all about that muff--it's size, it's shape,it's color.)...Sandy (who has kidney failure and has to go for dialysis every day, but GOOD NEWS! Just found a donor, thank God)...Mary (who owns a villa in Jamaica and would rather be there than anywhere else)...

Can you see a theme here? Yes, all girls. What can I say, girls love me. Now, if I could only get a few more guys to love me, I'd be all set ;) ;)

I would love to tell them the truth. But these are work people, even if I no longer work with them. Ah, it's probably for the best. We still laugh, and loudly, but the laughter is not as immediate, not as day-to-day.

On the other hand, my friend Psychic Sue wrote that she's moving to New Hampshire. Now, her, I could tell the truth to...
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