Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

So Sadaam's been captured, and hiding in a hole, of all things.

Damn, there goes my theory that he was keeping a low profile in a condo in Miami, living with Ethiopian despot Mengistu Haile Mariam and Osama bin Lauden. I was thinking it was the stuff of a great sitcom--sort of "The Golden Girls," only we could call it "The Silver Psychos." The weapons of mass destruction could play the Betty White role.

I just finished, after all this time, "Over Sea, Under Stone," by Susan Cooper. Don't let the length of the read fool you. It was a wonderful book, with some truly amazing twists at the end. Susan Cooper apparently lives (or is it lived?) nearby, in Cambridge, MA. I'm breaking a rule I generally have and moving right on to the third book in the series, "Greenwitch."

A great feel for Cornwall in this book, as well as the summer, being a kid, and spending a holiday at the beach. Perhaps that's why I lingered over's kept me warm all through the cold winter months.

So many things to write about. My trip to Connecticut, which will make for a great article. My date Thursday night, which was nice, but I ended up being very foolish. Going to see Kill Bill (again) tonight, with the silver codger, Bob. Spending the weekend with the kids and making the best batch of brownies I've ever made in my life.

Ashley is getting better, for those wondering. Her fever broke Wednesday. She asked Josie whether she could go to school after her eyes were back to normal. Josie said that that would take too long. So she asked, "Well, can I take tomorrow off, to take a day to get used to the idea?"

She received her day. :)

Back to New York City tomorrow. We're supposed to drive in and then drive home. Ugh, no fun.
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