Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

What a loverly event the Perishable fundraiser turned out to be. I tried my best to be funkily casual, by wearing my black shirt, black jeans, and a black suit jacket. And I looked pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.

The event was held at my old alma mater, in the newly-constructed Nazarian Performing Arts Center at RIC. It was odd driving back to college, taking the old roads that I traveled so often during my college years...onto Eddy Street from 95...past Providence College...past Cathedral Avenue...I always used to sing a song about that street...

Down on Cathedral Avenue,
Where you met me and I met you...

Note: I didn't say the song was any good.

Dinner was funky. A slice of fifties Americana served up with a splash of calypso. I chose meatloaf and potatoes and drank it down with three martinis. The last one I brought into the theater.

I was daring tonight, choosing to park my butt anywhere I damn well felt like. I ended up next to a woman that resembled Kathy Njinski, and her daughter. They brought wityh them designer handbags made out of cigar boxes. The two had donated a yellow kitchen table and matching chairs to the dinner. Two really cute guys in their 30s who were clearly in the family joined us.

Note to future boyfriends--here's an instant way to get Teddles to make mad passionate love to you...

The guy next to me (who was incredibly good looking and reminded me of what I only wished Steven ended up looking like) and I started to get into a huge conversation about The Wizard of Oz books. He collects them, too, and told me this whole story about the Oz movie, and how he went through the Witch's initial departure, frame by frame, and discovered that you can clearly see the trap door spring open and her fall through it on the DVD version.

I tell you, I was ready to bone the guy right there.

The show was fun. I sat next to my cell mate, Peg, and we smuggled in drinks and hooped and hollered. Blue Man Group was simply tremendous. And they had a fun mentalist who was fairly impressive, too. Tim Daly was...ah, he was there through web cam and didn't impress me much. But I was never that big a fan of him on Wings, frankly.

Tonight was a nice memory.
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