Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Weekend update (After eleven)

I'm tired, so I'll make this brief. But I like to put down what I've done, it kind of gives me a way to remember things in the future.

--Friday night Josie went out and I watched the kids. I arrived at home at nine from Kerrie's. Played with them until midnight. Eliot IM'd once, I couldnt speak right away and didnt from him for the rest of the night. Left the house at two--Josie was still not home, but I did talk to her on the cell as I was leaving. This is part of our new agreement, because waiting at home until she arrives home from being out at three or four just leads to more trouble than its really worth.

--Saturday afternoon I had a great day with Josie and the pussycats. We went on a mystery ride to the big apple and drank apple cider, ate donuts, and bought cheese and pickles. Totally soaked in the feeling of fall, and had fun singing Cher's greatest on the way home (ashleys favorite CD. She loves "It's in His Kiss)

-- Saturday night had a great night out with RobCelt. went to Ramrod in Boston where they had this Massachusetts Bear competition. It was cool, although the only one I thought was cute did not win. Buzzwords was also there, and lived up to his reputation, in a very positive way. After the competition, we went out to eat at IHOP, then I drove a cute guy I met at the bar back to his house. Fade to black. Next scene rises on me driving home, finding myself hopelessly lost in Boston. Unlike Rhode Island, all roads do not lead to 93.

-- Today Ashley was a bit ornery. Had fights in the morning, ended up taking Tiger alone to my apartment, then dropped him off at one to meet Nomadvak for lunch. He is an extremely good looking guy, very articulate, and the conversation seemed to flow well. He looks a lot like my beloved Thackmaster. And as it turns out (this small world being what it is), when I spoke to Robcelt later on, he knew of Nomadvak's ex, owing to an LJ connection. Weird world.

-- Tonight: Finishing up "the Dark is Rising" finally (I rediscovered it during the move, worked on my last major revision of Amelia--the first sequence with the Yellow Hiss. Cut some major shit. Went home to put the kids to bed.

--And at twelve, Eliot came on and wrote to me. He made it a point to do it, too..I know because I keep Yahoo on in Invisible mode, and saw him log on. He went on to AOL but saw I was on cover and logged out. So I waited five minutes and then went out of Invisible on Yahoo briefly, then went back into invisible. Sure enough, a minute later, he was on AOl, and we talked until 12:30. That road may not be closed after all. *fingers crossed*
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