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Snapshots from Green Victoria

Here's my favourite quote today: "The only thing I regret about my past is the length of it. If I had to live my life again, I'd make the same mistakes, only sooner."

New Apartment stuff:

Yesterday morning I started our 11th anniversary day by receiving a call from the apartment complex. The had an opening for a first floor apartment. Only caveat--they want someone in there next week.

I explained that I'm in the process of separating, and that's not going to work...I'm going to need at least two weeks to prepare for a move. So, we'll wait until the next one. But it does indicate that we need to start talking to the kids, but soon.

Old Apartment stuff

I also wrote to John to let him know that I wouldn't be taking the East Side apartment. Here's what I wrote...

We need to talk. I've been thinking about your digs
in relation to my needs, and after some reflection, I
have some concerns regarding whether it would be the
best solution to my housing dilemma. It's not that I
can stay where I am any longer (for obvious reasons),
but there are a number of reasons that I'm
reconsidering things. These include:

--Proximity to kids
--Financial considerations (even at the reduced rate
that was incredibly kind of you to offer)
--The concern that should anything financially occur
within the year that you're gone, it would be unfair
of me to leave you stranded during the remaining
period of time.

Because of these concerns, I wanted to let you know as
soon as possible that I would be unable to move into
the apartment in August, so that you could find an
alternative indivual (or individuals) to fill the

I feel terrible communicating this to you, especially
after how kind you've been to me--and the space is
lovely...but I would rather tell you now, rather than
wait until any additional time had lapsed.

I hope that you understand.

About last night...

Josie and I started our evening by getting the kids fed and movies picked out, and then started our journey with dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Best martinis! I was in a tropical mood, and had a Key Lime martini and Bikini martini. I didn't realize how strong they were until I actually stood up. (Note to self: order one, and let it last as loooong as you can.)

After that, we called Lizard and decided to meet up on Thayer Street. Lisa and I went book shopping there. There was a college bookstore having a huge Harry Potter party. We didn't buy the latest Harry, but I did buy some great books: "Hollywood Divas: the Good, the Bad, and the Fabulous," and "The Culture of Fear," an interesting look at "why Americans are afraid of the wrong things."

Then: a few more drinks outside of a bar called Paragon, while we read. Michael and Lizard caught up with us and we went dancing at this packed club next door to Paragon. We arrived home at 2:30, to find Tiger curled up on the couch.

No fights, no fusses...just two people who are making a big old change with dignity and courage...and love and respect for each other.

It was a swell night. Now, gotta go, Annie needs to pick up her car.
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