Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Never underestimate the importance of a good friend.

Before I started this journey about one year ago, I never really felt that I had a good guy friends. Oh, I had good girl friends. Had them in droves. I always got along well with girls, even if there was only one that knew everything.

But I didn't have many good guy friends, really. Oh, I had friends, but not someone that really knew the real me, inside and out. Steven had been the closest that I had come, and that fell far, far short from being a real friendship.

But this past year, something funny happened. Something that has really surprised me. In becoming honest with who I am, I suddenly find that I have developed a nice little clutch of guy friends. David, Tom, Peter, just to name a few. I've even gotten much closer to my brother Tommy.

But no one has become a better friend to me than Michael. And in a way, it's completely surprising to me. Michael is this 26-year-old blond haired, blue eyed, athletic heterosexual god, who has such terrific potential to go on and really do great things in this world--he was just accepted to Tufts, he has one of the most easygoing personalities I've ever seen, he has a political grace that rivals that of 40 year veterans.

And here he is hanging around with me, listening to me open up about everything in my life. And understanding. And accepting. And being the friend that I always wished that I had.

Friends like that are very few and far between. I honestly thought I had lost the opportunity, that it was too late. And it's such a joy to discover that, in fact, it was possible all along...if I just stopped hiding who I was and actually got real with someone.

Last night, I was mentioning to him that I had had always wished I could have a guy that I could confide everything in and he stopped and sat back and hit his chest.

"Well, here he is," he said, "And I'm not planning on going anywhere."

Major smiles.
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