Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Is it really three already?

Yes, and I am starting to feel it now.

But ljinsomnia and I had an excellent night visiting with our friend dreamcowgirl. It's always so cool to meet someone in person who know so much about you through your journals. The conversation was great, and Josie started to get into her manic "I'll say anything because I'm tired" mood, which always results in some hysterical lines, such as:

JOSIE: She said he was queer as a ten dollar bill...
ME: That's three dollars, hun...but it's an old saying.
JOSIE: So maybe it's gone up because of inflation?

The kids were hyper tonight. Wouldn't go to sleep. Tiger and Ashley kept jumping out of bed to ask silly questions. They just wanted to be in on the action, though. Who can blaim them? Both were finally asleep around 12:00. Or so.

Thanks for dropping by, Dreamy! It was a gloria-ous experience! ;)

PS: Saw X-Men 2 today. Now that's what a sequel should be! Brought back fond memories of my hero, John Byrne!
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